2024 Korean Trend Workshop


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Meet Female Perm Expert - Roki in Singapore without flying to Korea!
(MAR 13-14 )

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Master 2024 Korean Female IRON PERM & BOBCUT in 1 day

13 MAY (Monday)
14 MAY (Tuesday)

*One-Day Workshop. You will only join either 1 day only. Limited slot available.

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This type of hairstyle is extremely popular in Korea now, especially Women in their 30s to 50s

Roki has specialized in this style and can teach you how to achieve volume and easy styling with just a hair wash.

All the tips are shared in just one day, but the training sessions are quite extensive. Only limited number of slots left, please check the current availability if you're interested!

What You Will Learn

Short Haircuts for Women to Suit Face Shape

2024 Korean Trend: Iron Perm Techniques

Technique for Volume with Just a Blow-Dry


Who is ROKI?

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✔️ Specializes in natural and voluminous perms that require just a wash and dry
✔️ Expert in training for Korean female short haircuts
✔️ Known for viral hair videos on Instagram
✔️ Skilled in combining iron perm techniques with haircuts tailored to face shapes
✔️ Offers training programs that teach all necessary techniques in just one day, enabling immediate application

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Join Look & Learn

 4pm - 7pm

Female Bob-Cut Technique Theory & Demo

1Workshop is conducted in Korean Language with English Translator.

Volumise Iron Perm Technique

2Get to see Volumise Technique by Roki in close up look!

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Real Human Model Demo

3Get to witness 2 actual human model hair scenario: Damaged & coarse Hair & Fine Hair

Iron Perm Technique for Damaged Hair

4Watch how Roki uses Iron Perm technique to create unique texture that's trending in Korea in 2024 right now!

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<MAY>Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)
<MAY>Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)
<MAY>Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)
<MAY>Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)
<MAY>Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)
<MAY>Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)
<MAY>Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)
<MAY>Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)

Roki Iron Perm Master Class (13 & 14 May 2024)

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