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The Personal Color Analysis Certificate course will be led by Jung Yunseok, a pioneering figure in the field of personal color analysis in Korea.

  • President of Korea Beauty Personal (KBP) Association
  • Director of KBP Personal Color Research Institute
  • Professor of Cosmetics and Health at Namseoul University
  • Korea's First International Personal Color Analyst

With 23 KBP Personal Color Research Institutes globally, Jung Yunseok brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this exclusive workshop.

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Who Should Attend?


Hair Designers and Makeup Artists

seeking to enhance their color analysis skills.


Professionals in Beauty and Fashion

interested in mastering color analysis techniques.


Aspiring Color Consultants, Image Branding Specialists, Personal Shoppers, VMDs, and Beauty Creators

aiming to build a future profession in color analysis.

12 August (Monday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 12 August (Monday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 12 August (Monday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 12 August (Monday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 12 August (Monday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 12 August (Monday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 12 August (Monday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 12 August (Monday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs)
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What you will learn

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13 August (Tuesday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 13 August (Tuesday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 13 August (Tuesday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 13 August (Tuesday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 13 August (Tuesday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 13 August (Tuesday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 13 August (Tuesday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs) * 13 August (Tuesday) 10am - 6pm (8 hrs)
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What you will learn

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Why Personal Color Certification?

Enhance Client Satisfaction

Tailor your services to match your clients' unique color profiles, leading to better results in hair, makeup, and styling.

Stay Ahead in the Industry

Equip yourself with advanced skills that are highly sought after in the beauty and fashion industry.

Expand Your Career Opportunities

Open new avenues in color consulting, image branding, and more.

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Personal color analysis is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your business by improving client satisfaction, increasing sales, fostering brand loyalty, and providing a competitive edge.

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Why you should learn from KBP's President

Representative of the largest institution for the personal color course & lecturer for major companies (including leading Korean hair salons, famous makeup artists in Gangnam, personal shoppers, etc.)

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The diagnostic tool, particularly presented in the thesis published by our lecturer, is a scientific and quantified diagnostic method based on precise measurements. It is an innovative diagnostic method that quantitatively evaluates the degree of temperature sensitivity in stages and diagnoses step by step.

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The most famous and leading representative director in the hair industry in Korea is also receiving certification training and applying it to various fields.

The lectures conducted by Jung Yunseok are promoted solely through actual student reviews and recommendations, without any special marketing. The satisfaction rate is very high, leading to continuous recommendations from others and an ongoing stream of reviews.

Complete the personal color course and apply it to your business to create better services and sales!


We invite renowned experts from various fields in Korea to Singapore to conduct lectures.Different workshops are held every month, allowing people to learn the expertise of Korean experts in each field without visiting Korea.We are collaborating with organizations such as Walking on Sunshine, Am I Addicted, Let's Yoti Cooking Class, Bada Hair, and You Are My Sunshine.

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