As an educator in the hair industry for the past two decades, Caely has found immense fulfillment in her role. She skillfully combines Western precision and Asain texturizing techniques to perfect hairstyles for Asian clients, thanks to her training with Shunji Matsuo and Zone&Section Academy. Her sources of inspiration include fashion trends, celebrities, and the natural world. In her capacity as a key trainer at Shunji Matsuo, she consistently upgrades her skills. Transitioning to a Korean salon at Bada was a challenge, but Caely now excels at You Are My Sunshine Hair Salon in Singapore offering a premium lifestyle experience. Her love for travel and keen interest in fashion keep her at the forefront of industry trends.


  • Singapore Hair Design Award – Most Creative Award
  • Singapore GOLDWELL Color Zoom Challenge- Top 5 Finalist


  • Zone & Section Osaka ~ ASEAN Regional Educator
  • Matrix ~ Artistic Educator
  • Loreal ~ Guest Educator
  • Goldwell ~ Guest Educator
  • Arimino ~ Guest Educator
  • Shiseido ~ Guest Educator


His professional journey in the hairstyling industry has been a global adventure, spanning across South Korea, China, and Singapore. Throughout his career, he has showcased his exceptional skills and made significant contributions to the field in diverse roles.

However, it's important to note that Baek Hyun-woo isn't limited to the role of a mere hairstylist; he has expanded his horizons to become a devoted educator with a profound commitment to shaping the future of hairstyling. His dedication to education, fueled by his expertise and unwavering passion for the craft, is a testament to his desire to nurture the next generation of hairstylists and elevate the standards of the industry.


  • Korean Trendy Men & Women Haircut, Women's Short Hair Style, Korean Perm, & Colour


  • Milbon Service Education
  • Pivot Point's Trend Education (2012-2017)
  • L'Oréal Colour Key Diploma
  • KSSG Leadership and Customer Satisfaction (CS) Education


As a Hair Education Specialist, Luna have dedicated her career to sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise with aspiring hairstylists and beauty enthusiasts. 

She have diligently carved out a niche for herself as a trusted and hair education specialist. Through years of experience in the industry and continuous learning, She have honed her skills and amassed a wealth of knowledge in various aspects of hairstyling. This expertise has become the cornerstone of her mission to educate and empower others in the field.


  • Korean Trendy Men & Women Haircut, Women's Short Hair Style, Korean Perm, & Colour


  • Recognized by LeeKaJa Hairbis Academy for graduating at the top of my class.
  • Received multiple Certificates of Recognition for outstanding contributions to the hair industry.
  • Featured in industry publications and blogs for innovative hairstyling techniques.

Issac Ng

30 years in the salon industry and experience in some of the most premium salons in Singapore is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Isaac’s credentials. 

A mainstay at fashion-weeks backstage and hair performing shows in the local and international scene. Other than his proven technical skills, Issac also has dabbled with salon management and coaching throughout his hairdressing career, after obtaining his Industry Trainer Certificates from ITE in both “Prepare & Conduct Coaching” and “Design & Develop OJT Programme” 

Isaac is deployed to assess students’ weekly assessments for both Certificate in Fundamental Hairdressing and Diploma in Professional Hairdressing.

Dila Rasiti

With 25 years of experiences in the industry under her belt, Dila has done it all. From humble beginnings as a shampoo girl, Dila worked her way up to some of the most senior positions in many of the biggest salons and hair care brands in the SEA Region such as Toni&Guy. Procter & Gamble and L'Oreal.

Proven her experience in the hair care industry, Dila has also worked as a National Education Educator in L'Oreal's hairdressing school.

Dila us deployed to assess students' final assessments for both Certificate in Fundamental Hairdressing and Diploma in Professional Hairdressing.