Admission and Application

Step 1 : Admission Requirements

a) Look at the courses you are interested and check the admission requirements:

Short courses

b) If you are interested in finding out more information about the course listed above, contact

Step 2 : Application Form

a) Fill up the nVisually Academy Application Form for students via the typeform here.

Note: Do remember to attach certified copies of your academic certificates, transcripts and other supporting documents required as stated in the typeform.

Click here to apply

Step 3 : Submission of Application Form

Your application will be reviewed by our internal team and you will receive a call and an email to confirm that your application is in processing.

Step 4 : Acceptance of Application Form

a) Once nVisually Academy has received your application, you will receive the following:

1. A Letter of Offer (containing fees, course details, schedule of the course, etc)
2. A handbook which contains important information (refund policy, procedures, etc)