About Us

Our Mission & Vision

At nVisually, we are a multi-disciplinary beauty institute in Singapore which aims to produce the finest innovators in the beauty industry--not only in Singapore, but worldwide.

Our diverse team of beauty advisors is composed of first-class, globally-trained hair professionals who are committed to excellence in innovation. We take pride in our collective goal to be in the forefront of trendsetters and tastemakers in the fast-paced hair industry.

Our key partners from Walking on Sunshine and Leekaja work closely with us to understand the public better and discover the latest on demand trends while also providing guest trainers and vital industry relevant exposure to our graduates.

At nVisually, we not just aiming to be a hair academy, we aim to be THE hair academy that provides the most professional, industry relevant and holistic training experience possible.

Our Academy & Salon

Located at Orchard Central in the heart of Orchard Road our academy

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